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S9 Series H5i Heated Humidifier with Climate Control

The H5i heated humidifier offers relief from dryness and congestion and integrates seamlessly with all S9 series devices.  Intuitive and easy to use, the S9 automatically detects when the H5i is connected so that once you have connected your H5i, you are ready to go.  The humidifier incorporates Climate Control, an intelligent humidity controlling technology that manages humidification through a combination of the S9 machine, the H5i humidifier, and ClimateLine heated tubing.  The sensitive machine uses five unique sensors throughout the system to monitor ambient temperature and patient airflow.  The H5i integrates and is powered by ResMed's S9 Series sytems with no extra outlets or additional power supply needed.  Set the simple Dial Control to the desired temperature and let the ClimateLine tubing provide a new level of control.  This product is available on its own, or as a set with the S9 Elite system (see CPAPs).Features: Warm up indicator Optional ClimateLine tubing Flip-top lid design Optional dishwasher safe, high volume water chamber Climate Control Technology For additional product information, including a list of standard and optional accessories, more detailed images, and a deeper description of the features and benefits of the H5i heated humidifier, click on the Product Detail PDF located below, under the Additional Resources tab.  The Component Sheet offers all parts and accessories associated with the S9 Series.  **For Informational Use Only, not for sale online.
Dimensions (chamber and docking station) 6" x 5.7" x 3.4"
Maximum heated plate temperature 149°F (65°C)
Temperature cut-out 165°F (74°C)
Maximum gas temperature =< 105°F ( =< 41°C)
Water capacity 380 mL
Power supply input range 100-240V, 50/60Hz

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